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PraenatGyn - Practice for Prenatal Medicine Mainz Prof. Scharf, Dr. Fruth and Dr. Lindner

PränatGyn - Your practice for prenatal medicine Prof. Scharf, Fr. Dr. Fruth and Dr. Lindner is a specialized practice in Mainz for prenatal consultation, diagnostics and therapy. It deals with all issues related to prenatal fetal health.

We vaccinate you against Corona!


Please make an appointment for the vaccination at 06131-4908900. 

For the 1st vaccination, please bring the completed and signed information sheet, medical history sheet and consent form with you to the vaccination appointment. 

For the booster vaccination, please bring only the medical history sheet and consent form filled out and signed to the vaccination appointment.


You can download the required forms here:



Information sheet
Aufklaerungsbogen Corona-1. Impfung.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 897.6 KB
Medical history + consent
Anamnese + Einwilligung-Biontech.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 865.9 KB


The practice is centrally located in the Rhine-Main area in Mainz.

Offer - Service

As pilots of prenatal diagnostics, we advise and care for the patients seeking advice from us. Our services include all forms of non-invasive examinations (ultrasound, genetic tests) as well as all forms of diagnostic puncture (from the 11th week of pregnancy the practically risk-free chorionic villus sampling, from the 16th SSW amniocentesis, from the 18th SSW umbilical cord puncture).


Competent at the university level and attentive in our care, we support you in prenatal issues.