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PraenatGyn - Practice for Prenatal Medicine Mainz Prof. Scharf, Dr. Fruth, Dr. Lindner and Dr. Parvanta

PränatGyn - Your practice for prenatal medicine Prof. Scharf, Fr. Dr. Fruth, Dr. Lindner and Dr. Parvanta is a specialized practice in Mainz for prenatal consultation, diagnostics and therapy. It deals with all issues related to prenatal fetal health.

 Unfortunately, in a specialist practice such as ours, which operates at university level, there are sometimes waiting times despite an agreed appointment. 



Because with us there is no routine: you and your unborn child are always something special for us. Every pregnant woman and her unborn child receive the attention and care that they need with their individual questions. Accordingly, we ask you to regard the appointments with us as guidelines with a corresponding tolerance.

We are aware that the referral to a specialist - even if the question is intended to serve as a reassurance for you - can always trigger a certain basic tension. Therefore, it is our aim to offer you an appropriate appointment as soon as possible in accordance with the recognisable urgency of your individual problem.

Psychological or medical emergencies are always treated on the same day as the current consultation.


As our examinations are very time-consuming and take place in darkened rooms, we ask you, also in their interest, not to bring small children to the examination.  Of course, an adult may accompany you.


Mobile phone - Emergency telephone for pregnant women and doctors: 8 am - 6 pm for acute cases and questions - Medical contacts

Fr. Dr. Fruth, Fr. Dr. Lindner, Dr. Parvanta and Prof. Scharf: +49 176 83058836 

You are not alone with your worries! We always help immediately, if we can, in an orienting initial consultation!


The practice is centrally located in the Rhine-Main area in Mainz.

Offer - Service

As pilots of prenatal diagnostics, we advise and care for the patients seeking advice from us. Our services include all forms of non-invasive examinations (ultrasound, genetic tests) as well as all forms of diagnostic puncture (from the 11th week of pregnancy the practically risk-free chorionic villus sampling, from the 16th SSW amniocentesis, from the 18th SSW umbilical cord puncture).


Competent at the university level and attentive in our care, we support you in prenatal issues.